Outgrown your home but love your address and don’t want to move to a different suburb? Knockdown & Rebuild is your only option if you want a new designed home that fulfils all your lifestyle, needs, requirements and budget without any compromise.

At Vic Home Choice, our “Design Team” and “Building Team” will provide you with a personalized service and work starting with the demolishing of the existing house and clearing of the block of land, then the planning and design of the new home, then the building process till moving into your new home.


We have the experience to tackle Knock Down & Rebuild projects which require superior planning and experience. They are more involving as we are dealing with established suburbs, tougher Councils, busy roads, existing surrounding houses and neighbours, existing streetscape, and possible town planning requirements.


Vic Home Choice can provide you with the right design and quality build to protect you value and investment. The day you move into your new house, you will feel at home as it is designed and built with you in mind and in the same street and suburb where you previously established your life.

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